Is Global Warming Real

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|Is Global Warming Real |
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| In this research paper we will be discussing is global warming real. There|
|are many people who do not believe that it is happening. The sooner they |
|accept that fact, the better because they can start taking some measures. |
|We can not rely on our opinions, this is why the scientists have proove |
|that it is happening. That the core of our planet is slowly being heated. |
|Unfortunately many people from the government do not want to take control |
|into their hands, this is why it has
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This is manily dut to the burning of the fossil fuels. One of the biggest mistakes was the removal of the forests, which help in absorbing the fossil fuels and all the harmful gases. For example, “human activities such as: biomass burning; agriculture; animal husbandry; fossil fuel extraction, distillation, and use; and the creation of landfills and rice paddies have increased the atmospheric concentrations of several other greenhouse.”(Trenberth, 2001)
Schmidt, Charles once said: “Because scientists are faced with the unenviable task of informing policy decisions on climate change, Parkinson advises caution in how they communicate with the media. Scientists might get flustered and say things they could have said better with a little more forethought.”

By now, scientists were able to approximately calculate that by every minute gone by there is a change in the atmospheric concentration of oxygen which is being increased by the plant materials being burned which let out harmful carbon dioxide. Along with the atmosphere, there has also been an increase in the carbon dioxide in the ocean.(Schneider, 2008)

2)Peoples’ beliefs Many people fight over many topics, but they do not fight for the most important topic, which is science.
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