Is Globalization Affecting Me?

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Tanya Prewitt Professor Sarah Thompson Sociology Sec VO1 4 October 2014 How is Globalization Affecting Me? Globalization is undoubtedly affecting me, both positively and negatively. The issues of globalization were something I was blind to. Not in a sense that I was being simple minded and not seeing the issue, but in a sense that I did not see that globalization was actually affecting my education and my life in a hazardous way. I realized that there are more constituents involved with globalization. It is not just the innovation of technologies, the amelioration of education and human rights, or the changing efforts of our society’s social acceptability’s, it is more than that. It is observing how all these factors coincide together and how they affect our youth, work force, and our government. It is how globalization affects our existence. The articles supplied, spiel an economy where women might actually surpass men because of the effects of globalization. Yes, women might be climbing the workforce ladder, but that does not mean they get a free ride there. The articles also say that jobs are stereotyped and that is definitely true and this is leading to the end of man as the “supreme provider/achiever”. Men and women choose jobs that relate to their biological nature. “Men are brawn not brains, doers not feelers, earners not nurturers” – this stereotype is actually to blame for the crisis states Hanna Rosin. This is because during the recession the jobs that were hit
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