Is Globalization Diminishing The Presence Of Nationalism?

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Alexander Alezi
Professor Hemrick
ENC1101: Composition I
10 December 2014
Is Globalization Diminishing the Presence of Nationalism? As a kid I was taught to question everything and to think for myself. For that reason, I questioned how the world operates. During my time, globalization has been the major factor contributing to changes in our society. We are slowly becoming a close nit network of countries with the common goals of becoming a world superpower, financially rich, and multicultural. The modern world has seen a dramatic increase in globalization such as through the advancement in transportation, technology, and international communication which have constructed made the world society interconnected. This occurrence has caused greater unity between nations, regardless of their culture or geographical location, which has been one of mankind’s largest steps towards world peace and global relations. Supranational organizations, such as the United Nations and the World Bank, have brought many countries together in an effort to promote unity and stability in an uncertain, dangerous world. Globalization has even affected the economy as international markets have become connected through mergers and acquisitions of intercontinental corporations. The volatility of stock exchanges within major market continuously affects several nations as global interconnectedness continues to grow. While globalization has benefitted the world tremendously, it has also led to the
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