Is God Bless You?

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“God bless you,” said the elderly woman at a health fair in Fresno’s Manchester Mall as I concluded a brief health education session. When I heard those words I was immediately filled with this warm feeling inside: I knew that I wanted to be a physician, not to obtain glory or riches through the title and prestige other physicians have but experience those emotions I had when the elderly women said those three simple words and that bond that one can form with such a short but meaningful interaction.
The health fair consisted of physicians and nurses along with volunteers to serve the underserved community. I was there with employees of Madera community hospital along with my mom, a registered nurse at the hospital. Initially, the volunteers were able to pick where they would to volunteer; I was not sure where to help out, so I waited to get assigned a position, and that was where I experienced this turning point. My assignment was to inform that patients what their sugar levels and blood pressure were compared to normal levels as well as informing them of what they can do to prevent those levels from going too high. Just this simple task, however, made a difference in the elderly woman’s life.
Later on,when volunteering at Sutter Memorial, I was able to shadow Dr. Arthur. During one of our many conversations, he asked a deceptively simple question, “why do you want to be a doctor?” My initial answer was “I want to help others”; however, he rebutted almost immediately that
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