Is God Good Or Evil?

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In order for us to ask whether God is good and all-knowing or negligent to the evil andsorrow our lives contain, we must examine ourselves. It is not a question of God’s love or thepresence of evil, but how we live and perceive evil in our lives.The journey to answeringwhether God is good or why bad things happen to the undeserving will be discussed in thefollowing response.Our creator gave us the ability to make our own choices through free will. When Godgave us this wonderful gift, one can assume that he did not give us free choice for the purpose ofcreating evil. However, when God gave Adam and Eve free will, He allowed them to make theirown choice, good or bad. God understood that giving us free will allowed us to make our ownmistakes and successes. Gary Watts speaks of this with an analogy about letting his newlylicensed son drive the family car. “We are called upon to make a choice concerning freedom, andthe choice is a costly one. In exchange for something of value, we must give up our control andlive with uncertainty. We must take a risk” (Watts, 1999, pg. 41). In order to give loved-ones thefreedom to act on their own, you must relinquish control of their decisions. This is what God didfor mankind when he gave Adam and Eve free will. It is the choices that people make thatwelcome bad situations into their life. This is not always the case, but can be proven in asignificant portion of people’s lives. As Newton states in his third law of physics, “With everyaction,
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