Is Golf A Sport Or A Sport?

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Golf dates back to the early Song Dynasty, around 920 A.D., but in recent years the question arose to whether or not golf is considered a sport. Some argue that golf is a game because it better fits the definition of a game, doesn’t use much physical activity, and just cause there is a risk of injury does not mean it is a sport. But on the other hand say that golf is a sport, due to the fact that golf uses many muscle groups and strength to get the ball rolling, the risk of injury is severe and apparent, and that golf fits the definition of a sport better than that of a game. Some people suggest that golf is not a sport, stating that it’s just a game. According to and Merriam-Webster the definition of a game is, “An activity engaged for diversion or amusement, a pastime…” They think that golf fits better in this category more than that of a sport. I do not think that this could revoke golf’s ability to be a sport, almost all sports out there are considered to be also games. All sports are an amusement or pastime. I think golf is both a game and a sport due to almost all sports being so. I think it fits the sport definition being that, “An athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature,” this also coming from and Merriam-Webster. I strongly agree that golf is a physical activity, I also agree that golf is amusing, it is fun after all. But this should not bar golf’s opportunity from being considered a sport. Golf does require most things in all sports, skill, physical prowess, toughness, and competitive nature. The competitiveness and athleticism required to play golf and perform well is astronomical. There are no teammates in golf, besides your caddy, so you need to be able to want to win, because no one else will do it for you. It can get very competitive with your opponent, mental toughness is also important, due to the fact that golf is a lot of mental game as well as physical game. But, since some others don’t see the same way, they think that, “If an activity does not make you break a sweat, or if it can be done while drinking and smoking, then it is not a sport,” (The Best Photos of Golfers Smoking). Also some PGA Tour players are not

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