Is Google Making Us Stupid By Nicholas Carr

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What is google? Google is a search engine, and if a person types anything into that search engine, then that person gets millions to even billions of suggestions in under a second. In the essay “Is Google making us stupid” by Nicholas Carr, he gives multiple examples why Google is making us stupid. For example, he says we can’t read text deep enough, and we always get distracted. But, I disagree with the author's argument because I believe that Google is helping get information and knowledge out in the world way easier than older techniques, Google is also making things more straightforward and easier to understand. What do you do when you don’t know a word? Duh, you look in a dictionary or take out your handy pocket dictionary because everyone has those, and then you look up the word. You would only use that method if you’re from the 90’s. In today’s age, we have the internet and google. Instead of taking at least 30 minutes to look up a word, you can take out your phone and in less than two minutes, you have added some new vocabulary to your knowledge. I see myself and many other people searching up words that they don’t know on their cellphones. Instead of wasting time and resources on dictionaries, we already have this thing called Google that makes life easier and it’s free. I don’t think by using Google to look up words is making us stupid. I believe that Google is helping us increase our vocabulary and making it easier to understand people who use big words. Another example of when Google was helpful and made things way easier was when my car was having engine troubles. My brother and I took the car to a mechanic and asked what was wrong with it. The mechanic told us that our sensor was broken and replacing it would cost 160 dollars. We didn’t want to pay so much. So, we bought the part we needed from the mechanic for 60 dollars and we went home and watched YouTube videos. After two hours, we were able to install the part and save about 100 dollars. Google Makes things easier and can save you money. But, not only did it save me money, it also gave me knowledge of my own car. Not only does Google make things easier to look up, Google also makes information easier to read and understand. When you search
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