Is Google Making Us Stupid Essay

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Have you ever thought about the effect technology is having on your mental abilities such as your brain? Well I didn’t until I came across “Is google making us stupid.” Never have I thought the internet and what it was doing to me would affect me from an academic standpoint. Now a days no real effort is being put into research or writing or even reading. Google is making us stupider because it is causing our memory become very lazy, it is causing the individual to lose knowledge, and lastly it is causing the individual to have a short attention span. The essay Carr wrote with his strong introduction, and different sources used convinced me of the dangers that technology is having on a individuals brain. Is google making us stupid by Nicholas Carr, is an article with the effect of technology and the internet on our intellectual being. At the beginning Carr explained on what he believed was changing the way people think and that was technology. Carr believe that the excessive use of the internet was not letting us be able to excel by thinking and reading at a high level. Carr stressed all the effects technology had around us with It messing with are reading capability, also are writing capability, and other issues causing us to get distracted and lazy. First, many people would think that google is helping us with knowledge, but fail to realize that it is hurting the individual more than helping. The rise of Google has damaged our memories and knowledge by changing the
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