Is Google Making Us Stupid?

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Old generations work harder when doing a research paper, they are always busy with their work. Before the internet, people had always done their work by reading books, and they learn how to analyse it, and comprehend the meaning of the book. People were more active outside, they were healthier, and more intellectual. They also socialized more with individuals and they were less isolated. The internet makes people lazier, isolated, and more self-centered. Ever since the internet had been created, people had easy access to the things they wanted, which made them lazier. According to Nicholas Carr’s article in, Is Google Making Us Stupid?, he claims that Google makes people less intellect and they are more likely to have trouble concentrating. He stated,”When I mention my troubles with reading to friends and acquaintances-literary types, most them-many say they’re having similar experiences. The more they use the Web, the more they have to fight to stay focused on long pieces of writing”. This means that even the English majors are having trouble reading and writing since they have the Web to do it for them. The Web changes the way people learn because they can easily look up anything without having to read books. The Web can also lead to an addiction that can be hard to get rid of. The internet offers various things to people which can cause them to go on it more often. People can be addicted to things such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc...Individuals would go

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