Is Google Making Us Stupid?

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The word technology or internet means a lot to us and many people. They make our life very convenient and easy. But do they do to all of us? Many people think it is boom to us and many disregards to it. Authors and writers wrote many article and book on it. And Nicholas Carr is one of those and also wrote an article “Is google making us stupid?”. So is it true that internet or google affects us and also distracts us?
The article, “Is Google making us stupid?”, by Nicholas Carr states that technology has changed our living styles over years. He talks from the use of clocks to computers in each and every situation. This article introduces how the internet or technology has affected our brains. “The deep reading that used to comes naturally has become a struggle” (Carr 2) proves the idea behind writing this article. From past experience Carr explains that we used to read long articles and book without getting distracted, but now we feel the most difficult job to do. That’s because of internet that is taking over humans. Carr states that human brain is malleable, and it can also change the impression that is created by internet. Carr believes our brains are not like hard drives, or refrigerators that can get overstuffed so there's no more room. In contrast, he says they expand: "It's not as if remembering and thinking are separate processes. The more things you remember, the more material you have to work on, the more interesting your thoughts are likely to be," he says

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