Is Google Making Us Stupider?

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Is Google making us stupider? Now that technology is quickly advancing, it is really easy to find information with a click of a button. One highly used search engine in the internet is Google. Many people believe that using Google has made people not use their brains therefore making them stupider. I on the other hand, believe that the internet is a great resource and tool for many things if used right and can actually help you learn and make you smarter. For example, having a question and quickly going to Google to find your answer before thinking about it first and coming up with the answer yourself, is not using it right and we shouldn 't take advantage because in this way it may make us stupider instead of making us learn and expand our knowledge about a particular subject. In the article “Is Google Making us Stupider?” in the magazine called “The Atlantic” the author, Nicholas Carr tells us about his difficulties with concentrating on a lengthy article or book. Carr claims that the difficulties he is experiencing may be caused by the increase of time he spends on the internet. His main argument is that the internet helps us rapidly access information that we search and causes us to obtain more information in such an easy manner that is why in his opinion Google is actually making us smarter. Carr gives an example from a magazine editor called John Batelle who says “When I am performing bricolage in real time over the course of hours I am feeling my brain light up I
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