Is Google Making Us Wrong?

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Carry’s essay offers us insight into an extremely relevant question in this day and age. Is our increasing use of rapidly evolving technologies detrimental to the human brain? Or in other words, “Is Google Making Us Stupid” (Carr 737). What Carr said may be offensive to some, but he has a point. While I agree with Carr’s statement that “I’m not thinking the way I used to think” (Carr 731). I do not believe advanced technologies like Google are “making us stupid”(Carr 737). They are just making our brains indolent by replacing our natural critical thinking skills with that of an artificial intelligence. Google has been a beneficial tool used around the world by billions of people. No one can deny the effect that it has had on society…show more content…
The Internet has opened the majority of these opportunities, and the new job creation has opened career paths for young people who may not want a traditional job. So how is that making us stupid? Furthermore, Google 's mission is not to stimulate our senses the way a book does. As shown in this statement "Google 's mission is to organize the world 's information end make it universally accessible and useful" (Google). That is what Larry Page and Sergey Brin were thinking when they founded this company. It was never meant to replace books. Undeniably, reading is awesome "The kind of deep reading that a sequence of printed pages promotes is valuable" (Carr 743). However, in this fast-paced world getting needed information quicker may be better. More recently goes mission is to "create new technologies" (Caccamese). An article and gallery by Denise Lu showcases advancements Google has made that probably won 't even thought of 10+ years ago "Google has an abundance of other resources" (Lu). Google has shown itself to be more than a search engine. Properly used, it and other emerging technologies will "improve peoples lives" (Caccamese, Google). Carr explains his reasoning behind why he believes Google and other technologies are deleterious to our brains, but he does not explain how some people are able to balance out reading and the Internet. Some people use the Internet too much and
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