Is Google 't On Google?

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“If it isn 't on Google, it doesn 't exist.” We can agree with Jimmy Wales because he is right that Google has become as part of our life, and if we want to learn something, surely, we will find it on Google. Millions of Americans across the country just google stuff every single day to find a quick answer to a problem they have. There are arguments out there that suggest that these quick, concise answers and access to hundreds of articles is actually hindering our intelligence rather than expanding it. This thing may not be entirely our fault though as when one has to work sixty plus hours a week, there are only so a few hours that you can devote to doing in-depth research on anything. The middle class, normally considered the majority…show more content…
If American people are being stupid because of Google that means Google also is making us stupid to notice the wage gap. People should blame Google for the large wage gap that has been slowing for over the years. Are people giving up their time for googling because of the wage gap? When you think about it, people like teachers, professors, and others work roughly sixty hours a week, and they don’t have so many times to read articles and books. Therefore, they want to find information quickly and concisely by using google. However, when people search on google to find information quickly, they end by getting perpetuate misinformation and false truths. As a result of Google consuming the lives of Americans, we think different, read different, process information different. Google has caused the people’s attention span to become much shorter so, because of that now Americans have scatterbrains. We’ve come to be so comfortable with Google, we don’t spread our horizon’s to seek new information. Americans always will be seeking for easy ways unless Google is around. Many things are fast with Google, it is like we’re traveling around the world in 60 seconds or less just gathering information. You will know what will come up when browsing new pages. So, imagine, every time when you travel the world digitally, you become less and less intelligent. Despite this
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