Is Great Expectations Like a Soap Opera? Essay example

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Is Great Expectations like a soap opera?

Consider all that Pip went through, or just take parts, like his trial with the girl, at first, she didn't like him, and then later on in his life, she loved him. Also, what are the chances that some poor boy that no one knows ends up inheriting a huge sum of money out of the blue one day, and that the person who leaves it to him is an escaped criminal who Pip just happened to help out one day. All of these things are coincidence, and that's mostly what soap operas are based on. Let’s go through the three Stages of Pip expectations to find out:

1st-He is going to be apprenticed to Joe.

2nd-He is expecting to be of upper class.... a gentlemen.

3rd-His very much lowered
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On the other hand, there is that saying that you never know what you have until its gone, in which case it was better that
Pip found out what being rich is really like BEFORE he spent his life loathing where he came from.

Estella is a NEGATIVE influence on Pip because it is her comments about how coarse and common he is that lead him to act the way he does, and him wanting so badly to be a gentleman. He also falls in love with her to the point where he cannot see clearly the good intentions of those that he should love and listen too, such as Joe and Biddy!

Magwitch is a good influence in the end. He helps Pip to a better life. After his arrival at the temple pip begins to like him and becomes a little kinder because of it.With the money he gives a partnership to Herbert. Overall, at the end of the story, he is Pip's friend. In the abridged ending is typically that of a soap opera because, Pip marries Estella. And learns to forgive and forget. Even though Estella has treated him horribly his whole life-used him and then thrown him away-he can still love her and be happy with her.

The last line is made up of one syllable words (besides every) which help emphasise the young age of the victim.


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I doubt the father is crying because he feels responsible (even though he might be), I think he is just crying because he has lost one of the most important persons of his life, and he deeply misses his
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