Is Group Study Better Than Self Study?

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Is Group Study Better than Self Study

Every student will be used to a unique way of learning. If some are good at learning through reading, then some others are good at learning through listening. If some can grasp concepts better through discussions, then some others are good at grasping even the most complex concepts, by referring to several materials. Then, which is the better way of studying, in a group or individually, is something that is very difficult to answer, given the different nature of students, for whom different study environment works well. However, group study does have certain advantages that individual study lacks to a great extent. The article runs you through some of the key benefits that group study can offer to individuals.
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This way, the students tend to process the information they read from the text book, for a better understanding of the subject. They also exchange notes and class materials with each other. This way, they get exposed to more knowledge.

Good for shy students: Some students may tend to withdraw themselves from asking questions to their professors, in the class, due to their shy nature. For such students, group study provides an opportunity to clear their doubts with their friends or fellow mates.
Share and learn tricks and tactics
You can learn some new tactic from your friend such as how to recall complex topics. You can also learn the easy ways of learning complex concepts and also share any tactics that you know with them.
Quickly get on to any missing topics:
You will get an opportunity to learn the concepts that were thought by your teacher when you had missed the class. You will also get access to the missing notes. This way, group study helps you in not missing out on any concept or notes, even when you missed the
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