Is Gun Control Good Or Bad

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Is It The Guns Fault?
Is gun control a bad or good thing? Would taking away guns prevent or increase criminal behavior? The debate on gun control started after several massacres in the United States. There became an extremely opposed opinion between having guns and not having guns. People became to blame the gun not the person using the gun. This way of thinking created fear against guns. Due to the people fearing guns the legislature proceeded with caution to allow people the right to bear arms. In the United States laws are being made to keep America safe from harmful people. If not careful guns can become harmful causing deaths, massacres, yet there are laws to prevent criminals to obtaining a gun there are always loopholes.
Many people want gun control laws due to fear of guns. Robert A. Heinlein states "There are no dangerous weapons. There are only dangerous men." Due to this fear the citizens wanted more restrictions on guns. In the United States, gun control laws are different in every state. For many states, private sellers do not require background checks or mental illnesses. The legislation has started to create gun control laws to prevent massacres, homicide, suicide, or other criminal activities. The
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Access Date 12 April 2017
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