Is Hamlet Insane or Is He Not?

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Is Hamlet insane or is he not? There is no right answer to that question because some argue that he is and others argue that he is not. I however do not consider Hamlet insane. I believe that he is depressed because of the death of his father and the hasty marriage of his mother to his uncle not too long after his father’s death. Hamlet does not understand why his mother is still not grieving the death of his father like he is. I feel that he is upset with his mother because he see her new marriage to his uncle as her being unfaithful to the marriage that she had with his father. Hamlet expresses his disappointment of his mother for disregarding the death of husband. When he expressed his disappointment of her he called her “frailty, thy name is woman” (1.2.148).
In the beginning of play we find out that Hamlet father's ghost has been seen by Horatio, Marcellus and Bernardo. Horatio advises them that they should tell Hamlet about seeing the ghost of his father. Since he was not able to get the ghost to speak to him. He does not think that the ghost will refuse to speak to his son Hamlet. When they tell Hamlet that they saw the ghost, he insisted on going back with them to speak with the ghost. The ghost made Hamlet follow him so that he could inform him of how he was murdered by Claudius hands and orders Hamlet to avenge his death. Hamlet decides that he needed to find more evidence to support the claim the ghost made. However, the Devil can adopt a pleasing form that can
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