Is Healthcare A Privilege Or Right

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Is Health Care a Right or a Privilege? I personally believe health care is a privilege more than a right. I work in an Emergency room and on a daily basis, I see a crazy amount of people that come in with Medicaid as insurance, they don’t work but yet they have better healthcare coverage than I have working in healthcare. This is frustrating in many ways, of course I do not treat them any different than anyone else. It is obvious in the attitudes of the doctors that care for these people day after day that they are seen in the Emergency Room. It is the constant abuse of the Emergency department for no-emergent complaints that is making the cost of healthcare sky rocket out of control. It has been said over and over again in the news and the …show more content…

Elderly, children and truly disabled should be able to have insurance through the government and guaranteed that but the people that aren’t these things should work and provide for their families this including insurance and healthcare. As Hobbus (2016), quotes Donald Trump “America didn’t become great though handouts.” This is a very true statement, I know this is a very controversial statement and discussion, but would you give someone a job that shows no initiative or ambition a job, more than likely not, so why give them free insurance so they can sit at home. As an Emergency room nurse while triaging simple non-emergent issues, we are told by our doctor to ask if they tried to get in with their primary care doctors. The typical response we receive is the ER is free to me, and I didn’t have the money to go to my doctor, but they have a soda in one hand, an IPhone in the other and a pack of cigarettes in their pockets or purses. It is evident there is a horrible trend economically and socially that is extremely expensive to the healthcare systems. It has come to light that that we the people and the government need to look at taking actually working steps to reconstructing healthcare and not to move forward with “Obamacare” (Mondie, 2013, “The Real Problem,” para.

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