Is Higher Education Worth The Time And Money?

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Is higher education worth the time and money? This is a question many people start to ask as the college cost increases. However, education plays a major part in today’s society; it plays an important role in everyone’s life. It is important to get an education beyond high school. It is also important to acquire knowledge and skills because it brings a positive change in life. Education is extremely important and can be achieved in the most unexpected places. The education received from the college or university will be very beneficial for people. However, they have to be motivated and creative in order to make the cost worth and become successful in life.
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Carlson discusses in his article, “ 1960, only 10 percent of Californians had college degree, and that earnings gap between degree holders and those without degrees was 35 percent. In 2010, the paper says, that earnings premium was 43 percent” (Carlson 1). As the years passed the college degree still holds a value and it is best to attend college.
Some people argue that to send kids to college parents have to get loans so they can pay for their son/daughter tuition fee. In the article it says, "Parents ask whether the time and money involved in a bachelor 's degree will lead to a better life for their child" (Simcox 1). This quote shows how some students end up not going to college because their parents are afraid to take loans because parents do not want to put the burden on their child or on themselves. In addition, they are right for saying that if they get loans they will have to pay it off later with interest which puts people in debt, and sometimes it takes years to pay it off. What they fail to understand is that the college degree still holds value. According to Carlson, "Yes, college is still a worthwhile investment, for both individuals and society" (Carlson 1). It is a fact that the cost of higher education is a lot but, it is also true that higher education can bring a positive change in anyone’s life.
Sometimes even if you get educated and get higher

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