Article Critique: Is Higher Education Worth The Price?

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Xiaoqing Ding Dr. Haendiges Engl-1010 6/23/13 Is Higher Education Worth the Price? A recent study shows that less than sixty percent of students can be graduate form four-year colleges. Interestingly, tuition of most of American colleges improves fast year by year. Beth Pinsker said in his article “The message that everyone should go to college does a disservice to the 60 percent of students who do not finish their degrees within six years, according to new research from Brookings Center on Children and Families, a non-partisan research center in Washington. These students end up with debt that is not recouped by higher salaries later in life.” (Pinsker) Many Americans choose to work for money instead come a college to get a degree…show more content…
Robin Wilson talks this in his article “fact, despite stories of a large number of students who face gargantuan debt, about a third of graduates leave college with no debt at all for their education. Of the 65 percent who face debt, the average they owe is around $20,000. That 's just below the starting price of a 2009 Ford Escape.” (Wilson 257) There is not much problems use loan to get a degree from college. So going to college and get a degree is more like a long time investment. If people doing investment, there is always a chance that you could lose your money, but you will never lose a degree after you get it from college. People can hold it lifelong. Still, there are many people drop out from the college and then success. So some people believe that it’s not important to get a college degree. I disagree with that. In Pengfei’s article, he states “Stephen Rose, a professor at Georgetown 's Center on Education and the Workforce, says college graduates can earn up to $800,000 more during their career than high school graduates. And that number tops a million dollars for an advanced degree. At the same time -- unemployment for those with a college degree is about half: 4.6% versus nearly 10%.” (Pengfei) Every month there a lots of students drop out of college, but only few people can be success after drop out of college, so I think get a degree in the college is a better choice to most of people. To sum up, higher
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