Is Holden Lacks The Maternal Affection That He So Desperately Desires?

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Psychoanalysis would suggest that Holden lacks the maternal affection that he so desperately desires and fails to receive. Upon reviewing Holden’s behavior it appears as if he is a victim to various disorders such as Bipolar and PTSD disorder. explains the differences between emotional and psychological trauma and also the possible effects in their article, “Emotional and Psychological Trauma: Causes and Effects, Symptoms and Treatment." One key factor in that causes traumatic stress is a product of, “traumatic stress in childhood that influences the brain is caused by a poor or inadequate relationship with a primary caretaker.” It is coherent that Holden’s world of pain is a result of the absence of both his mother…show more content…
I started putting on my damn pants in the dark. I could hardly get them on I was so damn nervous"(Salinger 192). This not only ties into his emotions but mostly towards his depression, which can lead to anxiety about the possibility of being abused by others, even if that is not the intention of the "attacker." According to their article, "What is Psychosis?" written by Elea Carey, implies that those who experience symptoms can have their social relationships strained and experience high levels of anxiety, "When their mood is depressed, the individual may have psychotic symptoms that make them feel angry, sad, or frightened. These symptoms include thinking someone is trying to harm them." Holden has a purpose in life that he wants to complete and follow through with, primarily because of his brother Allie 's death, and does not any other kids to lose their innocence. The elaborates on what effects a person that suffers from the Bipolar disorder can experience in "Bipolar disorder" written by their clinic staff, "When you become depressed, you may feel sad or hopeless and lose interest or pleasure in most activities." In Holden 's mind, there is nothing else to live for regarding his life, other than saving the children because his brother 's death sucked all the life out of him and left him lifeless with direction. He strives to be the guardian of innocence, to prevent kids
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