Is Homelessness A Public Issue?

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Our policy issue in this paper concerned the homeless in Baltimore city. The research also emphasizes the issue of concentrated housing prices, lower-income people, which research indicates has a deleterious impact on the life of numerous people. Homelessness is a public issue that should be addressed because it raises many negative than positive implications and it is a current issue that has never been resolved. Today, the percentage of numerous homeless people have grown (increases). As a result of that , there are 3000 people qualified as homeless and many causes of Homelessness such as the lacking of affordable houses, lack of financial support, unemployment, lack of social support, low-incomes, and residential instability, poverty, mental illness, domestic violence. According to the Department of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) defined homelessness as individuals who lack a accommodate housing or a stay (Sheila Dixon, Mayor 2008). The homeless people are the one who suffers here to get a shelter or aid (Sheila Dixon, Mayor 2008). As a result of that homeless is considered as a choice of individuals. Our choices can lead us to the right or wrong paths.
Each individual has a different story , especially homelessness people. In fact, there are different types of homeless: People who are already giving up on the situation, People who are trying their best to get out of the situation and finally people who are both and do their minimum to
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