Is Homeschooling Too Good to Be True?

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Other than the negative moral and social impacts on the children due to homeschooling, there are also some problems about homeschooling that the parents must face. Parents who homeschool seem to have no time for anything. They are constantly working and homeschooling. This leaves them little free time to do what they wish. They have little time to spend with their friends, spend leisure time by themselves, or doing the things they love. Of course, they have plenty of time to spend with their children, but most of that is spent teaching and not parenting them (Roberts). Another negative aspect of homeschooling to the parents is the cost of it. Parents have to buy supplies, buy a license (if they are in one of the heavily regulated…show more content…
This is the last place anyone would want to be in their free time, so this is really inconvenient for the student, and even for the teacher, as they have other stuff to do as well. When it comes to the well-being of their child, parents can get a little overprotective. But with homeschooling, this is not an issue, for the most part. At least, in public schools, children can pick up bad habits from their peers in the classrooms, and these can vary widely. One of the things parents never want to know their child is doing is drugs. When their child starts hanging out with the wrong group of people, he or she is bound to get into trouble. Compared to homeschooled students, this is not possible. The kids are, not only constantly monitored by their parents or tutors when being taught at home, but protected from outside influences as well. Drugs do nothing but bad things and can ruin people's lives. Parents need not to worry as much when homeschooling their children. It is the people who send their children to public schools that need to think about this kind of stuff. Drugs are not the only nasty habit students can pick up from others. There are other bad habits that are not dangerous to their health, but are indeed dangerous to their grades. Some kids are lazy and do not like to get their work done. They also procrastinate, and simply do not try their hardest in school. When the parents'
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