Is Homosexuality A Sin Of Religions?

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In this essay I will be giving my arguments for and against the question which is “Is homosexuality a sin in religions?” and I will also include some stats from surveys and tests as well as the viewpoints from different religions. First I will state why homsexualtiy is a sin in religion. Christian Beliefs Homosexuality is a sin to Christians as the Bible clearly states that being gay is wrong and unnatural - a letter from the Corinthians taken from the New Testament: “Because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband” (7:2). God intended everyone to be heterosexual and that by choosing to be gay you are offending him. Christians believe that sexually active gay people should…show more content…
Others have defined the homosexual act as unnatural and therefore foes against the laws of creation. Another reason against homosexuality is given in the Talmud by Bar Kapparah, who claims that it means to’eh atah ba (“you go astray because of it”). Both Tosefot and the Asheri (medieval commentators) say that a man will leave his wife and family to search for a relationship with another man. This means that homosexuality threatens the Jewish family life which consists of marriage and children. Heterosexuality is regarded as normality for Jews; homosexuality is an obstruction to that normality. The Torah does not explicitly condemn les­bianism, and because lesbianism does not involve the spilling of seed and therefore the potential waste of a life. Islamic Beliefs Muslims also have very strong views on homosexuality, particularly amongst men. The Prophet is supposed to have said that both partners should be given the same penalty: execution by stoning. However, the punishments do vary from one school to the next and between individual scholars. Another reason for why being gay is not allowed in the Muslim religion is because they believe that it goes against the "natural" order in which God created human beings. The way they see it is that it is abnormal behaviour for two men to lie together. It is conceived that being homosexual will destroy the normal way of life and the order of getting married and having
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