Is Homosexuality An Act Of Nature Or Nature?

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As a prerequisite for Professor Martin Espinosa’s class, Sexuality and the Black Church, I conducted an interview was to collect information regarding whether homosexuality is an act of nature or nature. Over, the past few decades, there has been an ongoing debate about whether a person can be born gay or lesbian or is it a matter of their conditioning. In other words, is homosexuality a byproduct of an individual 's environment that spawned or encouraged their behavior? I am disposed to believe that homosexuality can be a natural character trait in some and with others it’s a matter of choice. However, I contend that it is more often than not, a choice. This was my mindset going into the interview and I needed to remove all preconceived thoughts, ideas and emotions. It was my concern that without an open mind, I wouldn 't be able to objectively conduct the interview.
I interviewed was a 35 year old co-worker, black female and mother of two children, whose sexual orientation is that of a lesbian. From her appearance, one could easily assume that preference would be for men. She offers an enticing combination of masculinity while maintaining her femininity. Interestingly enough, I recently discovered that she was a lesbian while we were in the same training class. We managed to establish rapport with one another. Since we worked together, it was more convenient to do the interview at work. We sat outside in the picnic area, smoking and engaging in small talk.
She was…
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