Is Homosexuality Biologically Based Pro / Con Essay

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Is Homosexuality Biologically Based Pro/Con Introduction Society has always been able to cope with having two opinions about a situation. For example as we continue to debate over the issue of homosexuality, many sub-debates have come forward from this topic. For instance, debates of marriage, gay rights within the spectrum of laws and regulations all construct an ensuing point of debates amongst people (Slife, 2013, p. 160). In fact, the more powerful debate about homosexuality is the claim that homosexuals were born that way. Essentially, both sides of the spectrum have done intensive research to answer a specific question, is homosexuality biologically Based? Brain structures In general, individuals are interested in people of the countering sex. However, a compelling number of people are particularly interested in someone of the identical gender (Slife, 2013). Sexual assimilation is a physiological attribute that exhibit one of the greatest scopes of sexual distinction, given that 90-97% of human beings of one sex demonstrate an appeal that is dissimilar from that of the alternate gender (Slife, 2013, p. 36). In like manner, the devices that conclude characteristics of people 's sexual assimilation have been the topic of intense debates. In fact these dialogues frequently concentrated on homosexuality proper, because the assimilation is slightly frequent and thus occasionally expressed unjustly as different from standard or norm (Slife, 2013, p. 40). Essentially,

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