Is Homosexuality a Deviant Behavior?

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I knew that I needed to pick something that would be controversial that my reader would be interested. The topic of homosexuality as a deviant behavior struck my attention. It is a topic of interest to me because I seen how things have changed over time. I found it to be interesting because there is a lot of different theories and studies against the homosexual community. Homosexuality connection can be the result of mental distress, genes and hormone, and lastly the environment where the person is developed. I chose to write about homosexuality and seek to answer the deviant behaviors in America. Homosexuality is a very serious matter that it is considered deviant amongst a huge population of Americans. A deviant act is not always considered to be criminal, but a criminal act can be considered deviant behavior. The fact is that the act of Homosexuality went from illegal to legal very quickly among the American community. I want to research the three major theories of homosexuality. The three major theories to homosexuality are the biological theory, the psychiatric theory, and the sociological theory. I will examine if there is a direct correlation between any of these three theories. I want to find out the impact of the bible in homosexuality. And Lastly I want to talk about how the society has grown from this deviant behavior. The Question that I will answer in my research paper is: Is homosexuality a deviant behavior? The truth is homosexuality is no
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