Is Hooking up Harming Your Development as a Maturing Young Adult?

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Is hooking up harming your development as a maturing young adult? Hooking up is having intimate relations with another person with no intentions of any commitment. Emerging adulthood is the considered the period of life between the ages eighteen and twenty-five. During this stage of life, people experience many things and mature from being a teenager in high school, to a fully functioning adult. There are four domains of development: social, emotional, cognitive, and physical. Stress is a large factor in development, and a relationship is something that can call upon much unneeded stress. Although relationships cause a lot of stress, they also provide a strong basis of support, which can positively affect development. Hooking up is seen as a way to get the stress relieving benefits of a relationship without all the emotional attachment that causes stress in a relationship. Hookups are a great benefit to college student development.
Hooking up can be beneficial for your physical health. Hooking up is a common thing in people of the emerging adulthood age group. In a recent study done by Holman and Sillars (2012), more than half of the participants admitted to hooking up. This is a staggering statistic, considering it is proven that hooking up increases the risk of sexually transmitted infections. While this does put a person’s physical health at a significantly greater risk, the reward of pleasure and stress release outweighs the risk. According to the study done by

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