Is Human Experimentation Ethical?

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The topic for the debate was whether human experimentation is ethical or unethical. I am the pointer for the objecting side. “Medical ethics is the moral conduct and principles that govern members of the medical profession.” Researchers and doctors are putting peoples life at risk just to save the next person, which does not show moral judgment and values. There are many unethical experiments that have been happening over the course of many years. “There have been historical cases of unethical research that have contributed to how we work with participants today” (Serena Marsden & Melissa Melander). One example of unethical medical experimentation is the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, which started in 1932. The government promised 400 men (even though some men already had the disease before the study started), treatment for bad blood because it was spreading within the county. During the study, while the men thought they were getting treatment when they were really getting a placebo. A placebo is a sugar pill, it makes the men think that they are getting pills to help them trough the study. They were withheld form treatment. As time passed, penicillin was created. When it came out, the men were still not getting the treatment. This experiment was created because researchers and doctors wanted to know whether colored men reacted to the disease the same as Caucasians. The story finally came to the public in 1972. Hundreds of men have dies due to this experiment. In

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