Is Human Trafficking A Complex Process?

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Why is the phenomenon of human trafficking a complex process?

Trafficking in persons is a phenomenon that one cannot reduce to ‘root cause’ that culminated in the past few decades to give rise to the return of slavery (Lee 2012). This paper brings together a number of key scholars to provide a mix of theoretic empirical discussion and analysis on the phenomenon of human trafficking, these scholars approached the trade in human beings as it is presently constituted, adopting an insight perspectives into the continuities and discontinuities in the forms of human trade with a view to pushing the boundaries of existing critical knowledge to as why human trafficking remains a complex process.

Understanding of the complex social phenomenon and responses to human trafficking revolves around several key themes (Lee 2012). Understanding of human trafficking remains a considerable limitation to the knowledge of several researchers. The debate of human trafficking has been criticised by some of its dishonourable research, unreliable orientation, or very strong elevated positions (Sanghera 2005). As (Shelley 2003) mentioned that the phenomenon of human trafficking are clearly delineated legally in reality the situation is often not so clear.

Human trafficking is a human phenomenon that has been and continues to be practiced for centuries now (Ali et al 2001). Like the global economic crisis, human trafficking is a global crisis that is inextricable linked to the current
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