Is Humanity A Good Or Evil?

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What is humanity? The definition is the fact or condition of being human. Yet, from time to time we question if humanity is generally good, or generally evil, and then we have those who think it is something else entirely. As a human being, part of humanity, I say that humanity is something else entirely, or a mixture of both, good and evil. Who are we to constitute that it is generally good, or evil, when each human is different and acts different. We all think, act, and view things differently, therefore humanity cannot be lumped into being good nor evil, instead it is a mixture of both. Though, different people can view humanity differently, as Mencius thought humanity is good, Tzu had thought of humanity as evil, while Locke thought that humanity was a blank slate and could only be determined by experience. Humanity has no clear answer if it is good or evil. We all have different views on what is the right and wrong answers to a question. We all are raised differently from each other and believe differently than one another, so it is only natural we all act and have different answers from one another or believe differently. For example, some people view abortion as evil, while others believe if the woman has a good reasoning for having an abortion, it is okay. There is no clear-cut answer if abortion is right or wrong, just as there is no clear answer for if humanity is good or evil, it is just how you choose to view it collectively. Locke believed that humanity
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