Is Identity Really Important To Me?

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“Identity cannot be found or fabricated, but emerges from within when one has the courage to let go” (Doug Cooper, Outside In). Get rid of it, do not hold onto that anymore, whatever it may be. In this quote when Cooper, I believe, is saying “let go” he is saying let go of yourself and when I say this I do not mean to give up, I do NOT mean to just stop, it does NOT mean to stop being yourself, what this quote is stating is open yourself up to new opportunities, and do NOT hide in your shell. You find your true self when you let go, you create who you are, your identity emerges from within, and you must let it free. When you let yourself go you may find yourself following someone, wanting to be like that someone, and this person then becomes…show more content…
When I say this I mean it, all through my life she has shown me that some people and moments are not worth the limited memory space that I contain, she has also shown me that some people or moments are definitely worth all the space in my head. Important life moments, the definition of important life moments vary from person to person as we are all different, so when I say important I mean drastically life changing as I do not have the best memory in the world. One of the important life moments in my life that I remember is when my dog died. The reason that I remember this moment in my life was because it was life changing for me. This is one of the only memories that I can recall that brings me to tears. He was my first dog and he was amazing. The memory that always comes to mind when I think about him is the time when my mom and I were both calling him and his tail was going wild from excitement and he came to me instead of my mom. His death was devastating to me. I cannot put into words what he meant to me. Life changing moments can be both happy and sad, happy because it happened and sad because it had ended. My sister has shown me how to properly handle grief, she has shown me not to freak out and not to break down but instead be strong and carry on. My sister has gone through a lot in her lifetime, she has pushed certain memories deep down,…show more content…
Make this choice based on instinct, go with what your gut tells you. My sister has taught me well. My father is very bad with his emotions, his is mainly angry, it sounds really bad, but there are also parts where my father can be semi-rational. She has stood up to him when he is angry, she is the bravest one of all my siblings, she has shown us all that we can make a stand, that standing up can be a good thing. Another person that has shown me this is my mom, she has as well stood up to him and I believe that my sister gets all her courage from my mom. My sister has shown me to have the courage to stand up to someone when they are being irrational and stupid. She has shown me to not let people push me around, to not let people step on me. She has shown me that yes, not everyone is perfect, but she has shown me that sometimes people need to be reminded of their limits. When my father gets irrationally mad at the smallest things, like time (it’s not like we go anywhere anyway, so we have all day to do this one thing) and maybe there’s a thin layer of dirt in this one corner of a certain room that nobody goes in that he went into and found the little layer of dirt, when he gets mad he starts to throw things around and nothing in the house is adamantine so many things get broken than we need to clean up his mess and clean up that little layer of dirt that was there for a long time. Anyway, when my sister did live with us she stood up to him,
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