Is Imagination More Valuable Than Experience?

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Is imagination more valuable than experience? The speaker asserts that since people who lack experience are free to imagine without limitation of fixed facts, imagination is a significant character for human beings. To some extent, I agree with this statement because individual’s knowledge is constrained, and we cannot solve problems merely based established habits and attitudes. In most cases, we need to employ imagination to help us achieve the goal. Imagination is important for artists because the nature of fine arts is to create a world deriving from the reality, but beyond the mundane life. In that matter, artists have to utilize their imagination to depict a exciting world outside people’s eyesight, and utilize their brushes to draw them on canvas. Consider, Picasso and Dali, for example, their works are relatively abstract and impenetrable for ordinary people. Because the people in pictures are disproportionately exaggerated and distorted by painters on purpose. Even the composition and color choice are different from real life. However, this kind of distortion exactly display the distress brought by wars to people, and express painters’ anger. From Picasso’s perspective, painting skills or experience always serve to paintings’ themes. Without painters’ imagination, their works will not have so expressive aversion to wars and achieved artistic achievement. Imagination is also crucial for novelists and film producers. As we all known, U.S is famous for producing
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