Is Incarcerating Youth As Justice? Essay

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Research Question: Which are the main reasons why teenagers become “Juvenile Offenders” and how does Incarcerating them can help? Entry #1: Maynard, Robyn. "Incarcerating youth as justice? An in-depth examination of youth, incarceration, and restorative justice." Canadian Dimension Sept.-Oct. 2011: 25+. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 24 Oct. 2016. Summary & Evaluation: In the article “Incarcerating Youth As Justice? An In-depth Examination Of Youth, Incarceration, And Restorative Justice,” Maynard, Robyn, has done many research on youth incarceration. She wants readers to know how incarceration affect youth’s mind, how should we help them, and what cause youth to be criminal. According to her research, there is an act call Youth Criminal Justice Act. She says that this act allows judges to release the name of youth offenders to the public in order to make them feel shame about what they do. This act causes the decline of youth incarceration. Although this act works efficiently, posting youth offenders ' names to the public cause negative effect on the youth. Rhonda Buckland, a counselor in a youth organization, says that this act makes youth offenders lose the ability to survive in the society. They become weaker than others and lose the ability to communicate with others. Maynard, Robyn also finds out the biggest factor that causes youth incarceration is racial profiling. Because of their races, police treat them differently, and that makes them feel helpless in the
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