Is Inclusion Best For All Students?

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Ashley Ball
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Is Inclusion Best For All Students?

Over the years, there has been a continuous debate over how effective inclusion classes really are for students in school. The whole idea of inclusion classes is to place students in the kind of environment where they can work with other peers who do not need special education and in a sense, not be secluded to just one classroom setting. There are those who feel that students who are in inclusion classes perform better academically and then there are those who feel that inclusion is not beneficial to those who need special education. This debate has left many people wondering, “Is inclusion really best for all students?” In the first article that I found entitled
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Even though there are, in many cases, other educators within the classrooms to help these children who need that additional help, the teachers generally don’t have that kind of training. Hoon and Wilcox explained that when it comes to special education students, the most important thing is to provide these students with an education that proves to be an effective education for them. They stressed that what special education students come out of the classroom understanding is more significant than the type of classroom setting in which they are being taught. This is because if they are learning more in a special education setting in comparison to an inclusion setting, then the special education setting becomes the better choice for the students. Hoon and Wilcox used the first grade class described in their article to address the idea that inclusion means adjusting the classroom to accommodate every student’s needs. They talked about how that same first grade teacher was told that she was going to have a student in her class who had cerebral palsy. The teacher was not aware of what this would entail for her classroom and how it would change the way that she taught within her classroom. The child was in a wheelchair and the classroom had to be made accommodating for the student. Hoon and Wilcox explained that pediatricians can be very helpful in
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