Is Infant Baptism A Natural Tradition? Essay

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The importance of the said topic this week requires fervent prayer and humbleness to hear the Holy Spirit. Recall every person who makes a statement or speaks any word it is written down every jot and twiddle in which one will be held accountable for before Christ. I pray that the words digressed here are from Him only and only Him alone. So much as been read and digressed about Church history and forefathers and how the impact of one man can influence the entire church in the direction of power and authority that a bold statement must be made to shock one back into reality of who God is.
Infant Baptism is a manmade tradition, within a misrepresentation of justification and sanctification, where water can purify one’s soul for eternity without the admission or acceptance of Christ Jesus as God. Even Spurgeon “quoted from the Catechism of the Church of England, proving that the church teaches that it is through infant baptism the infant is made a member of Christ, a child of God, and an inheritor of the kingdom of heaven. He quoted from the liturgy of the ceremony itself to further prove that the church did indeed teach that children are regenerated though baptism.” “Spurgeon also pointed out that no outward ceremony can save anyone. This can be easily proven by the facts: thousands who were baptized as infants have lived wanton, godless lives, proving that they were never children of God. Nor does the Bible teach that someone else can have faith for another; parents cannot…
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