Is Innovation A Innovation Master Class?

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So how do we define innovation and more importantly, how can we describe it in terms of policing? I’m hoping to dispel some fears along the way here and also very happy to answer any questions I can on Twitter or in the comments section below. I think this is a very opportune moment to also deal with the subject of ‘innovation experts’. As I discuss my own learned interpretation of innovation, it will become quite clear that I didn’t go to university and study the subject, nor did I undertake an ‘innovation master class’ at someone else’s expense and return a self-proclaimed principle of everything innovation! Innovation is not exclusive to one individual – in fact, it is quite the opposite. In order for innovative change to take place in even the smallest environment, it requires people. Not just one person, but a mix of people who can offer a variety of skills and broad range of knowledge. That’s the exact reason why policing could never have just one person creating and implementing all the innovation across a force – it just wouldn’t work. More importantly, it also requires a particular type of person – Those who are willing to think differently, willing to take punt on an idea and those who can be supported enough to be given time to see if a new product, method or approach could work. Then there is this one role that ties all of these people together within their respective departments. That’s where I, and others like me come in. My view – If someone tries to own

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