Is Integrity Important To Me

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I chose to respond to prompt number two. Integrity is an important value in my own life. Integrity, for me, is practicing and having high standards and morals. Integrity is doing what is right always. You can’t have integrity if you do not live your personal standards and beliefs, it would be contradictory. Honesty and integrity go hand in hand. I want to live my life with honesty and integrity, especially while getting my college education for the next few years of my life. As I get my education, I want to have been able to become educated while practicing my own personal morals and beliefs. Getting an education is something I take very seriously. So, why would I throw it all away by not going forth with integrity and honesty? I will go forth with integrity by adhering to the honor code on a daily basis. I want people to remember me as hardworking,…show more content…
If I received news that I did not have much longer to live the first thing that pops into my head is to spend time with my family. I would want to spend as much time as I could with my family. Whether that is my immediate family currently, my future family, or my friends who I consider my family. My love language has always been quality time, and I feel if I were in a life-threatening situation, all I would want to do is feel of others love for me, and share my love for them. In the book it states, “I would continue to feel such love and gratitude alongside the terrible sorrow, the grief so heavy that at times I shiver and moan under the weight of it.” I would not want to focus on the negative side of things. I wouldn’t want my last few days or months spent in sadness. Especially since I would probably be under a lot of stress anyways. No, I would want to make some of the most meaningful memories with those whom I love. Even if it’s in a hospital bed, rather than a vacation in Hawaii. As long as those I care about are there surrounding and supporting me, I would be
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