Is Internet Art really a movement?

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Over the years artists have generally been influenced by the developments in technologies of their era. Through impressionism, we had Monet who saw realistic paintings as redundant after the invention of photography. Instead, Monet focused on capturing how light and shadows affect our impression on a subject. By 1916, Picasso had taken this further and depicted all sides and shapes of reality at once with Cubism. It was technologies of The Industrial Revolution that handed Picasso and other artists their new found freedom and inspiration. Their art was reflected by the attention and understanding they had to the evolving change in times. Since then, technology has changed drastically and artists are constantly using this to their…show more content…
The main goal of the virus was to just survive so overall was pretty harmless. Unfortunately not everyone felt this way and the piece was criticised by many, including Jason Catlett who said “If a thief leaves a note saying he’s sorry, do we feel better? No.” The president of an anti-spam group who has testified before Congress on Internet privacy issues then went on to say, “Doing things that are socially undesirable in the name of art does not redeem the act”. Nonetheless, the piece was supported by some such as Lisa Jevbratt, teacher of media art at San Jose State University who expressed the following: “To talk about contemporary culture, you have to be able to use all kinds of expressions of contemporary culture, so a virus can be considered a legitimate art form.” (Reena Jana, 2001)) Not only was the virus to reproduce itself endlessly on computers, it was also intended to multiply itself by “using the human mind and the media hysteria as its reproductive machinery,” Mattes said. Their aim: to show that a computer virus isn’t just a destructive programme but that its existence and circulation depends on humans (Goran Mijuk, 2009). It eventually had to be destroyed by U.S. antivirus software maker Symantec after it had spread all around the world. Many debate whether the internet art movement is a valid term with a majority of non-believers observing the internet’s
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