Is Islam A Violent Religion?

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It is hard to know what to say in the week of the terrible violence that recently occurred in Paris and Beirut. As a Muslim who is being questioned whether I received comments or hate regarding what happened. Well, not quite, but I could tell from people’s eyes when they look at me that they want to open this subject to me without offense. What follows is by no means an attempt to explain some questions about the relationship between ISIS and Islam that seem particular pressing now.
Ever since September 11, 2001, Americans and many others have been asking themselves whether Islam is a violent religion. In some ways, this is an easy question to answer. religions are not violent, and people who are violent. Places like Myanmar. explained that even certain interpretations of Buddhism -- a religion associated in the United States with meditation, mindfulness, and the Dalai Lama 's embrace of non-violence -- can, in fact, produce violent manifestations. a religion such as Buddhism cannot itself be classified as non-violent. indeed, anything as vast and complicated as a religious tradition cannot be so definitively defined.
But even if we can say with some confidence that Islam is not a violent religion, a question remains: to what extent is ISIS an authentic expression of Islam? There are, essentially, two poles on this issue. Many Muslim groups in America and Europe have loudly denounced ISIS as un-Islamic. Some Muslims have called for avoiding the term "Islamic State" to
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