Is It A Crime Or Punishment?

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What constitutes whether something is a crime or punishment? This varies depending on where one lives, their culture and their personal beliefs. For instance if someone was on trial for claims of child abuse they might not see their actions toward the child as abusive. If the person is on trial it is likely that other people do not share the accused’s opinion. The difference in opinion can be a result of being raised with different beliefs. An example of differentiate opinion is the matter of spanking. It is possible people take offence to the idea of spanking one’s child because they have been taught not to strike others. In my opinion physical child abuse is the repeated use of physical harm towards a child. Spanking in moderation is not what I consider child abuse. As long as it falls it the under these guidelines: a) the hit is not delivered with an excessive amount of force, and b) the number of spanks is kept at a reasonable figure. For example a child has talked back to their parent as punishment for the inappropriate behavior the child is spanked five to six times. These five or six spanks are not excessive nor do they cause permanent harm. However, they do provide incentive to not to engage in the inappropriate behavior in the future. Spanking as well as time out was a common practice my parents used to deter our inappropriate behavior. A particularly vivid spanking I received stands out in my memory from the time I was six. I had just came back from my
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