Is It A Crime?

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Jeraldyne Herrera
Mr. Oakchunas
English 3 AP, Period 4
2 June 2016
Is it a Crime to be Black? What do you think about when you hear the word, “criminal?” Maybe the words, “murder” or “stealing” comes to mind. The generalization of the crimes is always brought to mind when it appears on news, newspapers, or social media, but how about the identity of the criminal and their relation to the actual crime? A majority of the general public seems to assume that the word “criminal” is always relative to the racial minority of African Americans. Why? When showing crime suspects, news channels, informative websites, and social media tend to stereotype the African American race as the counterpart that is always at fault. Crimes involving both the Caucasian/Whites and African American race usually favor the Caucasian/Whites side, and disregard or blame the African American race instead of analyzing the crime that has taken place. The media has influenced the general public to automatically associate the word “criminal” with African Americans, whereas the Whites would be perceived as a victim even if they’re the perpetrator. Throughout the years, the news media has been able to shape our minds and make us believe that African Americans are the ones who have made our nation unsafe. Therefore, when investigating crimes and presenting it to the general public, the full background of the crime should always be taken accounted for instead of stereotyping the African American races involved.

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