Is It A God?

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Perfection is a godlike attribute in which many strive for, but often many fail. Looking into the way of Buddha, he has reached this state of perfection and enlightenment on his own, not through a higher power. In many ways he fulfills the attributes to be a God, though, there are also numerous differences that do not suggest he is like a God. Buddha is claimed by many to be a teacher of the Gods. Throughout the teachings of Buddha he thought believing in a higher power is originated from fear. He wanted people to understand their fears, lessen the desire, and ultimately accept what cannot be changed. There was no teacher in the knowledge that Buddha obtained, no higher power, no other source than himself. It is seemingly to be there is no one who claims to be more godless, yet, be so godlike at the same time. Over the years of people asking Buddha is there was a God, his answers showed how thinking the belief that there is or isn’t a God is equally useless. At one point when he was talking to a man who believed in Lord Rama, he told the man there was no God. Yet, later on in his life, it is said when an atheist had approached him and asked if there was a God he told them there is a God. A leader in a way of life, the Blessed One and all knowing are some of the godlike qualities that Buddha possess. He is known in many forms of literature and very influential in worldly religions just like many who are claimed to be God’s. Buddha not envious, he is compassionate for

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