Is It A Good Policy?

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effectively is not only a good policy; in some cases it is the law. Multiple links to websites and video presentations provide technology integration strategies that can be used in different content areas. The development of a website containing educational technology projects, resources, and lessons, allowed me to easily compile useful media-based learning information for dissemination with my classroom, colleagues, and other instructors across the globe for enhanced learning.
Substandard 3.3 Develop and implement effective policies related to the utilization, application, and integration of media-based learning in a specific institutional or organizational context.
I created an Internet Safety Presentation that was used to educate every student on the expectations for Internet safety at my school. I shared Internet safety guidelines and appropriate Internet behavior along with examples of technological aids such as filters, firewalls, and management software that teachers and parents can use to keep kids safe when they are online. This presentation was embedded on the website.
This proved to be extremely useful since we are a one-to-one MacBook school. This presentation was used at a beginning of school parent/student meeting. This meeting used the presentation and an online agreement drafted by our technology department during the Student MacBook Pickup to start the school year. All parents and students were required to attend and participate in the meeting in…
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