Is It A Man?

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“Be a man?” What does that mean? In order to be a man, one must first understand what a man is. In a world where there are several contrasting viewpoints on various issues and ideas, there is no single definition as to what a man is or what traits a man holds. The general definition of a man is “a matured male human being” (Man 1). That definition leaves room for many to further interpret what they believe a man is and allows for misconceptions to be formed. Now, a man is described as being strong, courageous, and tough. Even though these traits are true for men in some situations, a man is truly defined by the way he presents himself with confidence, maturity, and nobility. Men relate to the word man in different ways. In a video by Cut on YouTube, men ages 5 to 50 are asked what they think of when someone tells them to “be a man.” Many of the men in the video saw the phrase as telling them to be strong, to be courageous, or to take responsibility, but some of the men saw the phrase as an insult or misleading. One participant said that the phrase was said to him when he was being a “wuss” and they wanted him to buck up. This shows how this term has been used to make boys think that they must do some unwise things in order for them to be accepted by their peers and to be viewed as a “man.” It has caused some to believe that they must always be tough and that if they break their resilient demeanor, they are no longer men. It is a major reason as to why the phrase “men don’t

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