Is It A Rare Commodity?

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Goodness is a rare commodity in the world. Even high school history courses focus on the crimes, wars, torture and depression, not the peace, selflessness and miracles. Still, pretending the dark, deceitful past does not exist is a common act when discussing history in Canada. The First Nations people bear the brunt of this ignorance, as very little of their suffering, at the hands of the government is acknowledged. Due to the abuse and neglect from the Canadian government, the First Nations people faced and continue to face a depletion of culture and serious mental health issues. In the First World War, First Nations people dealt with inconsiderate and racist policies. For the following decades, children were forced into the abusive, horrifying residential schools that left them cultureless and depressed. And when recovery started to take place, the White Paper of 1969 pulled First Nations people into the political world and threatened their way of life. Finally, they were relocated to foreign territory where they succumbed to hopelessness and heartbreak. Ever since British and French immigrants came to Canada, the First Nations people have been treated as a second-rate people.
Both the homefront and the warfront were difficult places to be a First Nations person during the First World War. On the homefront, reserve land was being taken over by the government and treaties were changed in favour of their interests. In 1917, the Canadian government needed more supplies and…

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