Is It Acceptable For Abuse Your Wife Or Husband?

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Moral Issue:
Is it acceptable to abuse your wife or husband?

Domestic violence or abuse is a pattern of violence directed towards a man or women. Moreover, I have found that it is usually not a one-time occurrence. Just thinking about that last statement,
Is it not a one-time occurrence because the victim stays in the situation? That is Food for thought. In addition, there are different forms of domestic abuse such as: financial, emotional, sexual and physical abuse. Most men and or women that I know that have endured or that are enduring abuse recognized more than one category of the abuse. For example, if the abuser separates you from your family and friends more than likely they would be physically abusive or emotionally abusive because you would have broken ties with your “circle” and would feel isolated except for the abuser. In my case during my marriage I could probably check off the box for each category of domestic abuse. My abuse separated me from my family and verbally abused before it became physical.
In my opinion it is not right or just for someone, especially a significant other to abuse you in any form. I feel that the emotional abuse is far more devastating in comparison to the physical abuse. For some persons the financial abuse is truly a hardship because they depend on that person for basic needs. It is truly disappointing that the city, state and federal government do not enforce the laws against domestic violence. The dutifulness of authorities might
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