Is It All Germany 's Fault?

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Is it all Germany 's fault? What are the causes of World War 1? “War, as one of the most destructive forms of human behavior, lies at the heart of discipline of international relations.” (Goemans, World War 1) World War One (WWI), which is often said to be one of the most devastating wars of all time, with 17 million dead and 20 million injured, was caused by a combination of agendas for all of the involved countries. Although the Treaty of Versaille, which marked the end of the war, completely blamed Germany, I do not believe Germany was the only country at fault. In fact, it was caused by political, territorial, and economic conflicts amongst all the European powers. Throughout all of Europe there were tensions arising from heightened levels of militarism and nationalism leaving many European powers with incentives to go to war. (Elena Shen) This heightened militarism transformed Europe into a hostile environment, with all countries troops ready to be mobilized with new industrialized warfare. Before the war had even begun, the major powers of Europe- Germany, Austria-Hungary, Britain, France, and Russia, were investing large amounts of money into their military. So, with so much thought and money invested in the military, the war was inevitable. (Elena Shen) However, when explaining the causes of the first world war, it is important to remember that no one event could have prevented, or even halted the outbreak of the war in 1914. Not one specific moment or action is
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