Is It Bad Or Bad? Essay

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owadays, we wake up with an alarm on our smartphone , talk to people through smartphone , even check the weather forecast using phone apps which are new bandwagon that most the people are now following without any perspective whether it is bad habits or not. Our lazy human who work in offices or buildings, live between a 4-side-wall depend on technology so much that they lock themselves in a bird -cage which prevents them from seeing the depth of the world, we lives depend on what others give us, we use all, we hungry. Many people don 't know what is going on on their planet: Earth. So there is no doubt that recently, an article was published by Washington Post ""Earth in "zone of uncertainty"" on January 15, 2015 has set the alarm that our Earth "It becomes more and more like living on a spaceship than living on a planet", said Ray Pierrehumbert and the vital matter of concern is that the Earth has already crossed four " planetary boundaries" which is genuinely a great concern to everyone, including New Zealanders, who are quite isolated from other parts of the contaminated world. In generally, the whole of the Earth system is being threaten under climate change effects. Climate change is not a story only for governments and scientists but also for us : the Earth 's citizen. Let 's get out to see the sun !

As many articles have said that we are threatened by climate change. This debate is now being discussed seriously not only by scientists but

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