Is It Better To Be Spent Without Pay Or Paid?

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Having a choice between two job offers has many different benefits, one maybe giving you an opportunity to travel for a year with no pay, or one with no travel but a better overall pay. Although both of the offers are great, I can only have one. Having to only pick one job I would have to pick the one with a better salary. With the increase of the salary, although I would not be able to travel right away, I will be able to put away money and travel later saving the extra money and eventually being able to travel just as much, maybe even more, while still guaranteeing an incredible salary. Along with having a bigger salary, I will be able to live more lavishly while still putting away money to travel. I will be able to insure that I have everything I need along with others in my life. I will be able to set money aside for not only travel, but for other major unexpected expenses and also for the future.…show more content…
I would get sick of traveling after like a month and would want to come home for awhile, being a complete waste. I love spending time with family and friends, along with pursuing the things that make me happy, and all of those things are at home. Leaving town is a lot of fun, and being able to experience different cultures and ways of life is eye-opening, but being home just has a feeling of safety and security that is something valuable to me, and something I have in my life, and with so much travel, make me go
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